Wife Lovers

Full Disclosure Ch. 04

Wife's adventure is discovered.  read more

Surprise Cuisine

Couple meets waitress with surprise in her pants.  read more

It Took Two Years Ch. 2

Their wives decide to enjoy new experiences.  read more

A Sweet Revenge

Adam ignores his wife at his own peril.  read more

Payback - Ten Fold

Multiply the number of times you cheated by ten, asshole!  read more

Best Friend's Wife Tempts

He visits friend and the guy's wife drains him dry.  read more

Picnic in the Woods

Perfect day for lovers to take a horseback excursion.  read more

Rainy Day Surprise

A Fantasy becomes reality one rainy afternoon.  read more

Threesome in a Nottingham Hotel

We have another man join us in bed on our weekend break.  read more

Fire Call

Fireman leaves smouldering scene at home.  read more