Wife Lovers

Will's Surprise

Jackie picks up a stranger or two.  read more

Ruth's Journey Ch. 5

Ruth makes a bid to leave town.  read more

Just Dessert

Wife has fun at a pool party.  read more

Fallen Ch. 1 Pt. 1

Maria pays her husband back.  read more

Babysittin' Blues

Why would she have a prophylactic wrapper in the diaper bag?  read more

Matt and Ashley Ch. 03

Party time.  read more

The Farmer's Wife - Day 02

So near but yet....  read more


His wife's new years resolutions pays off big for him.  read more

My Wife's Office Party

Wife takes on the party, and hubby loves it.  read more

Through the Apartment Blinds

What her neighbor sees through the blinds ends in pleasure.  read more