Wife Lovers

Creampie Anniversary

A loving wife grants her husbands secret fantasy.  read more

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 26

Sandra is late for a meeting because of a date with Bob.  read more

Dinner That Was More

Wife's comming of age.  read more

The Long Road to Understanding Ch. 03

George and Marsha join the club.  read more

Away Day Ch. 01-02

Wife accidentally re-discovers ex-boyfriend.  read more

David Gets It

David gets his wife's best friend with her permission.  read more

Sarawak Adventure

Charley considers sharing in Borneo.  read more

What Kate Did Ch. 05

It's her first shoot.  read more

Deb's Ranch Ch. 01

A couple relates a swinger story to a friend.  read more

Awakening The Slut Within Me Ch. 2

Wife further explores her newly found sexuality.  read more