Wife Lovers

The Only Way to Fly Ch. 01

They receive an offer too hot to be true.  read more

TGI Chronicles Pt. 1 Ch. 10

Beth talks.  read more


He thought she was going to PTA meetings.  read more

Wife Calls For Casual Massage

Massage turns into a night of pleasure.  read more

The Video Arcade Ch. 1

He and Sara seek a threesome.  read more

Risking Judy Ch. 02

Husband reluctantly helps boss pursue Judy.  read more

How I Created a Monster Ch. 03

I throw down the gauntlet.  read more

Drinks After Hours

Couple is invited to Carl & Mary's for a drink.  read more

The Redhead Ch. 11

The beginning of the end.  read more

In the Darkness

Weekend getaway holds adventure for hot couple.  read more