Wife Lovers

Not Just the 2 of Us

Contacts web site encourages a fantastic evening.   read more

Her Temptations

Lovely wife's wedding bands are no obstacles for seducers.  read more

Story Of My Life Ch. 2a

First time was an innocent mistake. Second time?  read more

A Slut's Confession

Allowed to stray, provided she tells him every detail.  read more

Two Bi-Curious Couples Meet Ch. 02

Later that night Lisa fucks Mike and I with her strap-on  read more

Macy Sheds Another Inhibition

Wife sheds another of her inhabition in the tropics.  read more

A Corporal's Punishment

Soldier finds wife in bed with a stranger.  read more

Interstate 5

My wife confesses.  read more

Lisa and I Ch. 2

Lisa enjoys her role as the dominant one.  read more

Sexual Soul Mate... Vol. 1

Wife left alone finds her carnal soul mate.  read more