Wife Lovers

Dining In Ch. 2

Married Tina shares her hot afternoon fantasy.  read more

Montana Camping Ch. 01

Karen goes camping with the guys.  read more

What Happened To My Life Ch. 05

He was pushed out of the way so Ray could cum in her.  read more

Memories of the Past Vol. 1

Dom fem / sub man couple swing.  read more

The Making of Billy Ch. 1

Wife discovers her liking of large cocks.  read more

Chapter 7-1/2

I found myself in the middle of an odd three-way.  read more

His Wife's Favorite Resort

Special resort for couples, with secret extras for ladies.  read more

Catherine & Rick

Sexy housewife sucks off husband's best friend.  read more

Our Wedding Day

The ultimate wedding gift: FMF.  read more

Marty Misbehaves

You working doesn't mean she must stay home.  read more