The Chronicles of Jesse Adler- Truck Load

Introduction: Haha, I made a funny. *points at title* Author's Note:

So, this little series I have here is about me. Or rather, about Jesse, my alter ego of sorts.  read more

Your a Horse!!!!!

Introduction: boy meets unicorn, boy sucks unicorn titties,boy is unicorn, boy fucks unicorn. I was walking through the woods not a year ago, just behind my Uncle’s house.  read more

Favor For My Wife

Introduction: There I was at the mercy of 3 college coeds My wife Ashley and I have been married for several years. She has a younger sister named Kate that is 19 and always in trouble.  read more

Adventures of a Trucker

She was looking to replace a tire.  read more

Witches? Toil

Can be read as a stand-alone story, or as part of the set that begins with Sara's Surprise.  read more

"Just one Picture, OK Daddy?"

“Just one Picture, OK Daddy?”

__We have two very horny females in this family. Mom and daughter. Can the dad handle them and find harmony between them all?…
let’s find out….

___My daddy (Ben)  read more

I shock myself sometimes

Introduction: This is my first story, let me know what you think. My adventure takes place at my place of employment, which is a bank located inside of a grocery store.  read more

Owning a Dominant Bitch - Brittany's First Summer

Owning a Dominant Bitch – Brittany’s First Summer

If you haven’t read Owning a Dominant Bitch this probably won’t make much sense. This short story falls between that one and The Little Black Book of Blackmail.

  read more

becoming submissive part 2

Introduction: please let me know if i should continue As I prepared for my day, I couldn’t help but think about the night before. Had I actually been turned on by the forceful pounding my ass took and the chocking? Did I actually keep the dildo   read more

Fade to Black

A male erotica author develops an online stalker with twisted intentions...  read more