Never Forget

Couple discusses bringing in a third.  read more

Cassie -n- Jack

A buisnessman hires a hooker for the night.  read more

The Private Room

Sabrina finds relief for her headache in the Private Room.  read more

The Arrangement Ch. 02

Wife takes a group of Black men.  read more

Relocation Ch. 04

Brooke final gets nailed by Kyle.  read more

In The Dark of Night Ch. 03

A drifter rescues a black woman from small-town corruption.  read more

Just One Good Reason

Jasmine loves the service, but what about Todd?  read more

A Better Life for Lauren

HS grad leaves abusive family for a better life.  read more

Stolen Water Tastes Sweet Ch. 02

They had patients waiting.  read more

Coffee and a Blowjob

Theres a reason theyre called quickie marts.  read more