The Only Way

A son realizes there's only one way to get what he wants..  read more

Jamie Ch. 09

A new start.  read more

A New Blue Bikini

Ethan helps Mom & sister find a swimsuit that fits.  read more

Babygirl Megan Ch. 02

Mom returns and the 3some follows.  read more

Holly Watches Ch. 09

Holly sleeps with her brother on the night before he leaves.  read more

Mother's Submission Ch. 15

Anal with mom, Bev vilely humiliated.  read more

My Sexy Cousin

Sexy encounter with his cousin.  read more

Those Eyes Ch. 0007

Furniture, Pussy and Leads, Oh My!  read more

Truth or Dare Daddy!

A Game of Truth or Dare turns Very Naughty!  read more

John & His Secrets Ch. 01

John lost his innocence with Aunty.  read more