My Stepdaughter

I had never thought of her this way.  read more

Family Holiday Ch. 03

Christmas fun with the family.  read more

My Life Ch. 06

The true ongoing story of my lifes travels.  read more

Hairytage Ch. 1

Her hair is her heritage, which turns on Dad.  read more

My Daughter & Me Ch. 4

Mom marries Rocky, who enjoys Tanya.  read more

Mommy's Poolboy

Mother and son get it on in the pool.  read more

Unintentional Lolita Ch. 02

Mom's reaction to Daddy's date night with Kelly.  read more

The wonderful world of sisters

me and my girlfriend explore her sisters  read more

Is My Ass Really Worth That Much?

What a daughter must do to get her inheritance.  read more

Doctor Prescribes Semen For My Mom

Mom needs semen to stay healthy; I agree to give it to her.  read more