The Big Black Bed

Politician is shown the VIP room of an exclusive brothel.  read more

A Succubus for Christmas

Succubi are for life, not just for Christmas.  read more

A Succubus for Valentine's Day

Succubi make bad Cupids.  read more

A Night at McHooligans

A warlock, a succubus and a demon walk into a bar...  read more


Super-Hero comes to a sticky end.  read more


Mob henchman falls prey to some unusual security.  read more

Crushed Between Her Breasts

Nancy seeks help to deal with a breast-obsessed office pest.  read more


Be wary when engaged in business negotiations with Mr Koontz.  read more

Succubus Summoning 110

Phil meets the mystery girl in the blue dress  read more

Succubus Summoning 103

The two succubi have fun taking Phil's virginity.  read more