The Adventures of Nikki Nipples Nicastro Ch. 03

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Doctor Bitch Ch. 1

Female doctor with bad attitude gives Black man a physical.  read more

Welcome to the Neighborhood

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Shame Ch. 1

Drifter protects a family...for a price.  read more

Doctor Bitch Ch. 2

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Long, Hard, And Full of Semen

Black submariner develops obsession for bunkmates wife.  read more

Fresh Off The Bus 3: Ch. 3

Lara falls prey to the men of E&I enterprises.  read more

Shame Ch. 2

Shame claims his payment for helping the homesteaders.  read more

Fresh Off The Bus Ch. 2

Due rent drives Ann to nude modeling.  read more

Xavier Takes A Wife

Black gardener seduces his first married woman.  read more