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Riding the Hump

He "loved" pregnant wife  read more

Innocence Lost Ch. 28

Algebra lives with Innocence.  read more

My Sexual Awakening

An unexpected encounter with daughter's ex-boyfriend.  read more

Admitting My Secret Ch. 01

Couple shares a fantasy; wife helps fulfill it.  read more

The Sad Demise of H. Hattlefield

Lovecraftian tale of woman stolen from another dimension.  read more

The Girl From the Club

I pick up a girl and discover to my delight she's a shemale.  read more

The Chess Piece Ch. 12

Final Chapter - who will win the match?  read more

Vacation Ch. 04

John goes to her.  read more

No Going Back Ch. 10

Roger and Katie and Terri.  read more

Nibblet Ch. 10

Faith wakes up Spike.  read more