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Indiscretions Ch. 11

More with Linda and Tom.  read more

Hell Hath No Fury Ch. 02

Tim Jackman recalls a satisfying night with Heidi Tate.  read more

The Night They Planned Ch. 02

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The Legend of Princess Julie

A dark ancient myth.  read more

Intertwined Fates 01: Designs

Secretary is seduced by boss.  read more

Dinner and Some Pussy

Couple has their first threesome.  read more

On School Grounds

My first time at a school sanctioned Trans party.  read more

One Big Happy Horny Family Ch. 01

Vic catches his mother & aunt eating each other's pussy.  read more

The Claiming

A tantalizing tale of lust in the olden court.  read more

Kim Ch. 01

He gives college coed a massage to remember.  read more