latest stories

Eve's Dildo

She sneaks home early for a little solo action.  read more

Winter in the Mountains Ch. 06

Inner Sight.  read more

High Adventure on the High Seas

An odd short term romance in post-war China.  read more

Mature Women

Thoughts on the difference between older and younger women.  read more

Allie's Pilgrimage Ch. 02

Allie discovers the orgasm.  read more

Transformation to Julie Ch. 02

Julie's continued transformation into a she-male slut.  read more

Can I Love? Ch. 04

Will he help her to love?  read more

Paint a Picture

A uniform, submissive fantasy.  read more

The Fucking Machine

Two young ladies discovered The Fucking Machine  read more

Enterprise: Between the Scenes 04

Hoshi encounters silent pilgrims in "Cold Front."  read more