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Woman with the Machine Ch. 02

The machine produces a sexy new woman.  read more

Black Man's Paradise

Two young Black men find love in college.  read more

Chesterbury Tales Pt. 13

In the Sultan's Harem: an orgy of sadistic sex.  read more

The Last Nice Guy in Town

Connor finds being decent has its rewards.  read more

Marty's Mom Takes On The Town Ch. 5

Marty's sister shows him what it's like for a girl.  read more

In Her Father's Footsteps Ch. 04

Jane leaves for Vienna.   read more

Keegan and Flanna Ch. 01

Meet a Baobhan-sith vampiress & her mate.  read more

Magic Hands Ch. 03

A day in the life of a handjob whore.  read more

Beach House Affair

Older sister seduces younger brother.  read more

Holiday Romance Ch. 03

Cliff misses Jeannie as he returns to USA briefly.  read more