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Pussy Pact

She tells her husband about a bachelorette party.  read more

Utopia Ch. 04

A talk about sex fantasies will obvously result in more sex.  read more

Transgender Encounter

First time with a t-girl.  read more

Heat of Tennis Ch. 04

Will turns up the heat that makes Brook faint.  read more

You Are Next to Me

Just waking up or just laying down?  read more

Bob's Nude Encounter Final Chapter

The games are concluded with a surprise for Bob.  read more

Paradise Bound Ch. 01

Tanning for vacation man finds nympho filled salon.  read more

1127 Castleridge Drive

Mature real estate agent discovers a special property.  read more

Kimmy the T-girl

A transvestite gets dominated by a stud.  read more

The Photo Session

Young couple responds to modeling ad.  read more