latest stories

Blood Ties

A whodunit that shows blood is not thicker than water.  read more

Jasla & Sterin Ch. 02

They find out that they don't want to be sibs.  read more


Romantic/Sexy/Erotic meeting in Vancouver.  read more

My Little Jewish Neighbor Ch. 03

Alyssa gets into assplay.  read more

The Voyage

Sailing away to erotic bliss.  read more

Woman Named Tiss

The story of a somewhat of a 'black widow' woman.  read more

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 25

Witch of seduction is killing wives.  read more

Explorations Ch. 03

Jessica and her brother push the envelope.  read more

Your Submission

She ties you up so you're at her mercy.  read more

Putting Myself Through College Ch. 06

An escort continues to work to pay for College.  read more