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Window Guy

They enjoy each other while window washer is downstairs.  read more

Awakening the Slut Inside Donna Ch. 6

A limo drive to remember.  read more

Lion Game Ch. 03

Kris's hunt begins as he tracks down his Lion.  read more

Raider and the Lost Lamp Ch. 08

Clara discovers the ancient queen's tomb.  read more

Drow in the City Ch. 03

Changes find the drow and the tiefling.  read more

A Spider's Web Ch. 05

Rogue hunts down Black Cat but finds herself the prey.  read more

Trailer Trash Party

Susan goes to a party hosted by bikers.  read more

A Perfect Day

Couple engages in a little role reversal.  read more


A redneck girl teaches a preppy guy how to get down n'dirty  read more

Today's Fantasy Ch. 2

Katie and Tom continue.  read more