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Caution Blown to the Winds

Online auction has unexpected consequences.  read more

A New Blue Bikini

Ethan helps Mom & sister find a swimsuit that fits.  read more

Undying Emotions

Drastic incident for a pair who kills zombies.  read more

Babygirl Megan Ch. 02

Mom returns and the 3some follows.  read more


He thought she was going to PTA meetings.  read more

The Camera

Model engages camera in a battle of seduction.  read more

Jerry Wilkins Gets Laid

Meek milquetoast has a life changing sexual experience.  read more

The Airplane

An encounter with a stranger on a plane.  read more

The Runaway Bride

Will she choose love on her wedding day?  read more

Kenny and the Interview

Kenny's interview.  read more