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Heart of the Dragon Ch. 03

Danger lurks in beautiful Hawaii.  read more

From The Other Side

A lonely woman at home with a couple of friends.  read more

Comanche Lust Ch. 02

More lust in the saddle.  read more

Me and Wife at the Holiday Inn

Lisa and I get some cock after we take care of business.  read more

In Xanadu Ch. 02

Fanderpeice's Cock is 8 1/2" long...and more.  read more

Alone in the Dark

The joys of male masturbation.  read more

Dealing with Death

Death doesn't end everything, just don't try to outwit him.  read more

Merry ChristmASS, Bitch Boy!

Mistress's Brittany and Chantz fuck him again.  read more

Katie's Mom

First the daughter, then the mom.  read more

When Men Play With Dolls

Life-size Barbie waits for her ring to be pulled.  read more