Author : slutty_jannelle
Posted on 26 Feb 2012

Jenny's Journey

Jenny was more than a little nervous as she watched the taxi pull away -- terrified was more like it. The bus trip had been scary enough. Never having ventured beyond her front door dressed en femme, she had ridden a bus 700 miles to a strange city, looking like a low-classed slut. Here she was, at last, on the doorstep of a man she had never met in person before, here for a week as his submissive 'slave.'

Their entire 'history' together flashed through her mind as she moved toward the doorbell. Sir Robert had made contact via Email after she had posted a comment on a 'slave' forum. She had been vulnerable, lonely and; frustrated trying to live out her T-girl dream, and not having any luck finding a Master until Sir Robert contacted her. There had been months of getting to know each other better, on-line domination, many digital photos, then phone calls, and web cam sessions. Everything led up to this moment. With a push of that doorbell, she would be entering a real world of servitude, degradation, pain, and humiliation as Sir Robert's slut-bitch, at least for the entire next week. The return bus ticket in her purse was comforting. Jenny had no doubt of her capacity to submit and suffer for her Master. Her only question was just how deep was his commitment to her training and permanent enslavement. Only time will tell, she thought with a sigh as she heard the doorbell chime.

In seconds the door opened. There He stood, her Master! Pictures had prepared her for his strong profile and broad shoulders, but not the sheer animal magnetism that radiated from this clearly alpha male.

"H-h-ello, M-Master," she stuttered, lowering her eyes and dutifully falling to her knees at His feet.

The coarse doormat prickled her legs through the black nylons.

Instantly, Sir Robert took command of the awkward situation. "Hello, jenny. I'm glad you arrived on time. I thought you might either chicken out entirely, or else stay at the bus station to suck off a couple of johns to work up your courage to present yourself for my tortures and delights."

"Oh no, Sir," she stammered, "this slut would never service anyone else unless You required it."

"Humm... we may have to test you on that before the week's over." Not expecting an answer, he went on, "Get off your knees, bitch, pick up your bags and get your ass inside. Don't worry, though, you'll be spending plenty of time on your knees."

As jenny scrambled to her feet, her lack of grace in even the moderate heels she wore embarrassed her. Blushing deep red, she scampered to obey.

Sir Robert guided her down a hallway to a small bedroom, where she set her luggage down.

"This will be your room when you are not servicing me or being used in the dungeon, cunt."

"Yes, Master Robert, Sir. Your slut will obey," she responded.

Taking her by the shoulder, he marched her back to the living room.

Releasing her, he examined her with a critical eye, "Let's have a good look at you now. Raise your arms and turn around."

Clasping her fingers together behind her head, jenny slowly pivoted, eyes, down, and blushed again as she felt Sir Robert examining her. His gaze felt like it went beneath her dress, beneath her bra, girdle and hose, beneath the tampon and pad, clear through to her very soul. That wasn't so surprising, given the length and depth of their internet courtship, she realized. This man knew all of her darkest, most perverse desires and dreams, and wanted her because of them.

The nervous bitch standing before him definitely could pass as a woman anywhere.. Professionally styled blonde hair and the makeup conveyed a somewhat trashy image, just as he preferred. The breasts were on the small side, but firm and natural. Gripping her waist, he felt the tight girdle snugging her in. The hips were also on the small side, but defined. Her leg muscles, shaped by the high heels, flexed in the black hose. Ah, those legs, he thought, her most visible erotic feature. Even unsteady in the high heels, this slave could turn heads with those killer legs. The mouth, outlined in garish, whore-red lipstick, was probably worthy of his cum, and he suspected that her 'cunt' would be too, if she had prepared and been training it per his orders.

"Are you on your period?" he asked brusquely.

"Yes, Master, but..."

Hands on her shoulders pushed her firmly to her knees. As a dutiful slave, jenny kept her hands where Sir Robert had ordered them placed, behind her head.

Unzipping his jeans, he fished out a semi-hard cock and shoved it into her gaping mouth.

A little squeal and a 'glug' escaped as he hit the back of her throat. Jenny had spent the past several weeks learning to still her gag reflex while deep-throating the thickest dildo she had. But the penetration was always slow and gradual, not a sudden full-depth thrust. Her first beauty shop hair-do was mangled as Master Robert wrapped his fingers tight in her blonde hair and held her in place as he fucked her face, smearing her lipstick all over his manhood in the process. Tears soon streaked her makeup as Master Robert worked her mouth and throat.

It seemed an eternity to jenny, but was only a couple of minutes before her Master yanked her hair hard, slapped her chin with his swaying balls, shoved His cock literally down her throat, and with a grunt of pleasure, came.

The salty glop spattered all over her throat, and coated her mouth as He pulled out abruptly.

"Zip my up, bitch," He commanded.

Jenny had been fantasizing about this moment for months now. She dreamed that after showering His cock with her submission, love, and devotion, Sir Robert would hold her and gently caress her while telling her she was the best cock-sucking slave in the history of whores.. Instead, He had used her mouth to cum, and now He was done with her. The tears in her eyes now weren't from her throat being ravaged, but of dashed dreams. Being a submissive slut was harder than she had ever imagined.

She deftly tucked His shrunken tool inside His shorts and carefully zipped the jeans up.

"That took the edge off nicely, bitch. You have exactly fifteen minutes to shower, get changed into your sluttiest outfit, and present yourself for lunch. We have to keep up your strength because you have a week of torture ahead of you, and I want to get started. But you have to wash that bus-station stink off before I'll touch you."

He helped her to her feet, slapped her face just hard enough to sting a little, and sent her down the hall to her room.

From the moment He helped her up, jenny was thinking just what to wear for her first session with Sir Robert. She wanted Him to have easy access to her body, but she wanted to be as alluring and sexy as possible. The more turned on He was, the harder He would work her over. Since that was their mutual goal for the week, she had packed her wardrobe accordingly.

As soon as she entered her room, jenny began stripping off her soiled traveling clothes. In the attached bathroom, she tugged out the tampon and filled the bulb syringe with hot tap water for a quick douche. Only a touchup was necessary. For the previous 3 days, she had douched to clear with hot soapy water, vinegar, and alum water to tighten up her 'cunt' for Sir Robert. A couple of minutes finished the shower because she knew that repairing her hair and makeup would take the most time, and she certainly didn't want to keep Him waiting. He had told her a few of His favorite punishments, and despite being a hopeless pain-slut, jenny wasn't eager to experience them. Besides, now that she was actually in His house with His dungeon, maybe even worse punishments and tortures were available for uncooperative bitches.

Between the electrolysis, hormones, and daily shaving, jenny decided she could skip shaving her legs and bikini area a second time today.

The lacey black garter-belt was fastened around her waist, just below her new belly-button piercing. She slid her best back-seamed stockings, in perfect black, up her well-muscled legs, and hooked all six garters. Taking a few extra seconds, jenny stroked her legs, feeling sexy, and excited by the allure of the nylon. Hose always had that effect on her. And she did believe her legs were her sexiest asset. She imagined heads turning, male and female when she walked down the street wearing black hose and high heels.

Next was the very short baby-doll gown in light pink nylon, followed by the five inch pumps in matching pink.

Despite its mauling, her hair actually cooperated with only a few brush strokes and a bit of hair spray.

Her makeup didn't take much time or thought either. She had been doing it daily for several years now, and could apply her whore-paint flawlessly and quickly. Jenny changed her earrings to her favorite pair of thick, heavy sterling silver hoops. A final check in the mirror, a misting of Poison, Sir Robert's favorite scent, and she was ready for action. The thought made her giggle as she made her way back to the living room.

As she approached, Master Robert caught a whiff of her perfume. The musky perfumes always turned him on: White Shoulders, Roses in the Rain, and of course, Poison. He was extremely satisfied with the appearance of this T-girl slave. She had none of the exaggerated mannerisms of the typical cross-dresser or gay male. She moved like a shy, somewhat insecure woman, and Sir Robert accepted her as such. To him, the approaching woman was his submissive pain-slut slave-girl, not a male in drag to engage in gay S & M sex. On the computer, jenny had needed reassurance that he considered her a complete woman.

"Fine choice," he complemented her outfit.

The impossibly high spike heels in baby-pink matched the very short gown. The light pink contrasted nicely with the true black hose and garter straps visible below and through the gown. It was definitely female, definitely slutty, and provided complete access. She had understood His desires perfectly, a very good sign.

Jenny stopped in front of Sir Robert, lowered her head, crossed her legs, and did a little curtsey, holding out the hem of the gown just below her slit. Despite their conversations, and agreed upon conditions and limits, jenny was still a little frightened. This wasn't make-believe, or cyber-fantasy anymore. This was real. Her tears and pain would be real too. Could she truly trust this man? Was he a closet axe-murderer? Would he really hurt her?

As if reading her jumbled mind, His calm voice cut through her mental fog, "I want to hear you list the 5 'no-never' limits I allowed you, and; the one conditional one we agreed on."

Keeping her eyes on the pointed toes of her pink pumps, jenny quietly recited, "No blood, no scat, no kids, no weapons, no breath-play, Sir, and no bondage until this slut becomes comfortable and learns to trust her Master with her life."

"Yes, my bitch, that is what we discussed. I have no problem with the 'no-never' list. It's short and sensible. Before this week is up, however, I want you to get over the 'no-bondage' idea with me, though. I don't think even a pain-slut like you can take some of what I have planned without being tied down. You did request to be broken, as I recall, and that is impossible unless you are restrained. However, since I'm quite secure in my own power as a Master, I'll wait for you to tell me when you are ready for restraints."

"Yes, Master, thank You, Sir Robert. Your slut-cunt will do her best to not disappoint, and to serve Your needs," jenny said quietly. Inside she was seething with desire, wanting, needing to be strapped down and broken until she was screaming for mercy, for the promised brand and piercings of ownership Sir Robert had told her of. But their agreement was practical and realistic, giving her time to acquire more trust in Him. This was necessary for her descent into absolute slavery to this man, and they both recognized it.

Taking her hand, Master Robert drew her into His strong arms. As he tasted the lipstick on her eager lips, his hands slid over the gown, feeling the swell of her hips, the taper of her waist. When his hands squeezed her breasts, jenny moaned deep in her soul. He was quick to probe her open mouth with his tongue, which inflamed her more. Soon he slid his hands down her body and cupped her ass cheeks. Pulling the tight globes, he ground his growing cock against her.

Breathless, jenny broke the deep kiss, "Oh please Master, whip me, use me, take me."

"Yes, bitch," he replied, "it's time to begin your real slut training. Are you still sure you want this? Because once we begin, there's no turning back, you are committed."

"Yes, Sir, please train this slut to be your perfect pain-bitch. Make me the cunt of your dreams, the whore I want to be for you!" jenny answered.

"Then it's time to take you to the dungeon."

Holding hands like teenagers, they went through the door he unlocked, and down the basement stairs.

Jenny could only gape in amazement. The large room was painted white, had recessed lighting, and displayed an array of serious bondage equipment. She was conscious of her spike heels clicking across the tiled floor as she examined each item. There was a floor-to-ceiling whipping post at least eighteen inches in diameter, complete with chained shackles dangling from it. A sturdy wooden armchair had no seat, but wrist and ankle straps. A wall shelf held an array of plugs ranging from petite to monsters as thick as her forearm. Jenney shuddered and turned to touch the table complete with stirrups and restraints. A 'horse' with dildo attachment occupied one corner while a short stanchion topped with another dildo stood a short distance from what was obviously a 'spanking bench.' Along one wall was a stainless steel double sink and seatless toilet as well as cupboards and racks of very scary-looking clamps. A display of whips and paddles caught her eye and her fingers lightly caressed the wicked strands of the whips.

Seeing her obvious interest in the flogging tools, Sir Robert told her, "Pick out 3 of them, my dear."

Jenny understood instantly, and examined them more critically. With the tip of her finger, she delicately selected a broad plywood paddle with large ventilation holes, a thin leather cat, and finally a limber fiberglass cane.

"Excellent choices," she was told as Master Robert led her to the spanking bench and draped her over it. He nudged her legs apart with his foot. Even with the bench supporting her, she instinctively gripped the handholds beside the thick leather cuffs as her legs were spread even wider.

"You may squeal and scream, my sweet bitch, but you are not to move your legs. Do you understand?"

"Y-Y-Yes, Master," the trembling voice betrayed her excitement and nervousness as a thousand thoughts swirled through her mind.How hard would Master whip her? How many strokes? Would he only beat her ass or would he work her thighs too? Could she hold discipline? Would she disgrace herself and beg him to stop during this, their first dungeon session?

Whoosh, CRACK! Her ass exploded in pain as the stout wooden paddle made contact. Caught by surprise, she didn't have breath to scream, so sucked in air as her head shot up in shock.

Lowering her head in submission, she softly began the count, "One, Master."

Sir Robert had an expert's pace and patience, allowing her to savor all the pain from each stroke. Jenny counted and suffered as the thick paddle hammered her ass. The squealing didn't begin until his aim lowered to her thighs. She was close to tears when the paddle was exchanged for the fiberglass cane. Since her ass and thighs had been warmed up, the cane felt like it was literally shredding her flesh as she cried out her agony. White-knuckled, she held on as Sir Robert plied her thighs with welts that instantly purpled on impact. She was truly sobbing when he laid the cane aside.

"You liked the cane, didn't you," a statement, not a question.

"Y-y-y-yes, Master, but it hurts so much," jenny choked out between sobs. "Your slut needs the pain, and to prove my love for you by suffering anything you give me."

"Is this exciting for you? Do you really like it?"

"Oh yes, Master. This is a dream come true for your slut. She needs your pain. Beat her for your pleasure, Sir," jenny condemned herself.

The 'cat' was knotted leather boot laces, and after the second lash, Jenny was sobbing again as crimson streaks filled the spaces between the cane's welts. The knotted end of each tail left its own deep bruising punctuation mark.

Flicking the leather on the inside of her thighs wrenched a satisfying scream from the crying bitch.

"Oh, don't worry, slut, I'm saving the insides of your thighs for a real punishment session. That was just a taste," Sir Robert told her with a chuckle.

Jenny wasn't doing any of the laughing as he helped her stand, and walked her over to the table. With a wooden step-stool, she climbed up. Positioning her, Sir Robert had jenny kneeling close to the edge, sitting back on her spike heels and whipped ass. Reaching down her neckline, he attached strong nipple clamps to her. A low moan was her only response. They hurt, but her nipples had suffered much worse, and she knew there'd be more to come. Each clamp had its own chain which he threaded through her hoop earrings, and hooked the chains back on themselves. The chains were short enough that her head was pulled down to her upraised tits. She could have practically sucked her own nipples.

"This position is for when I choose to whip the front of your thighs, and tits, you cunt. Not only does it stretch the thigh muscles, and rub your worked ass and thighs, but it allows you to watch the cane and whip as they mark the fronts. Then you can see the welts actually form through your hose."

Hands clasped behind her head again, jenny watched in fascinated horror as the cane whistled down on the taut nylon. The red line appeared almost instantly, then after another couple of strikes, the first one swelled into a raised, purple welt all too visible through her black stockings.

The clamps helped divide her attention between breasts and thighs. Pain from each stroke caused her head to jerk up, torturing her nipples even more, just as Master Robert had intended.

When he was satisfied with the quality and quantity of welts on her thighs, Sir Robert had her remove the short pink gown. He whipped her breasts until the clamps were pulled off by the force, then gave her ten measured strokes with the cane across her mounds.

Sobbing quietly afterwards, nestled in his arms, jenny admitted she had never experienced pain on the level Master Robert had been able to give her in such a short time. She shuddered in anticipation when Sir Robert told her that when she consented to restraints that he could beat her harder and longer, to actually break her as she had dreamed of so long.

Gently pushed to the floor, she sucked him in deep and began to work on the growing rod. Tears, makeup, drool, and pre-cum combined to give Him a flavor Jenny was quickly learning to love. Eager to please her Master, she was disappointed when he pulled out at the last moment and pumped the sperm all over her face.

He led her back upstairs and was still taking pictures of her cum-streaked makeup when the doorbell rang. Jenny gave him a quick 'caught-in-the-cookie-jar' look.

Laughing, he told her, "Oh, that's the pizza guy. I called earlier for a 5 o'clock delivery."

The doorbell sounded again.

"Well, go answer the door, slut. The money for the pizza is on the stand beside the door, even the tip. Maybe next time you'll have to give him a blow-job for the tip. Blow his tip for a tip!" he teased her.

With a burning blush on her face, jenny crossed the room on unsteady legs. Tensed by the high heels, welted legs were chafed by her nylons. She raised an arm to wipe some of the slime off her face. The growled warning told her to wear her shame as she answered the door.
Talking with Sir Robert later as they ate, jenny had to admit that despite the very deep humiliation, she was actually proud to wear and display the proof of her Master's pleasure on her face with as much pride as the painful welts on her legs. And answering the door as a face-fucked whore did wonders for her self-confidence. The delivery guy, boy really -- he couldn't have been over eighteen -- had been barely able to mouth the price of the pizza he held. Like a cartoon comic, he did a long, obvious triple-take of her body from the top of her head down to her pink pumps, lingering on her whipped legs. The black hose couldn't hide the dark welts from his leering lust. She acted as though it was an every-day occurrence to answer the door dressed as a cock-sucking tramp sporting visible cane welts

By the time the short transaction was complete, jenny realized that the boy was blushing more than she was, and she gave him a shy slutty smile, cum streaks and all.

As they ate, Sir Robert gave jenny more details of her life under his roof. She would always wear hose and heels unless ordered otherwise. Her wardrobe would be selected by her Master for daily wear, outside excursions and of course, sessions in the dungeon. Every morning she would perform her shaving and douching without fail. Makeup was a daily requirement as well as the daily

household chores as His maid.

Their extended cyber-courtship had prepared jenny for most of Master Robert's demands and requirements. This week was really an extended audition to test their compatibility. In her heart, jenny hoped He would accept her as His exclusive live-in slave/bitch.

Jenny hobbled around in her heels cleaning up the debris from supper while Sir Robert did some computer work. When the kitchen and dining room table were again spotless, she approached Him and sank to her knees beside His chair. Hands together, jenny stroked the erotic black nylon sheathing her thighs and marveled at how exciting the memory was of getting those painful welts.

With a keystroke, Master Robert started the printer, and turned to her.

"You have done very well today, jenny. You now have a small taste of slave life with me. But tomorrow we have some other things to cover."

"Yes, Master, your slut is here to serve you in every way," jenny replied easily. She was getting to like being the 'slave,' but oh, she was so horny. Forbidden to even touch her 'clit,' jenny was getting desperate for relief.

"All your cock-sucking today has drained me, girl. It's time for bed. Do you want to sleep with me tonight or in your room alone?"

"Oh please, Master, your slut wants to sleep with You if permitted," jenny gushed, falling hopelessly in love with this alpha male who could be so cruel and then so considerate of a girl's feelings.

"Very well, bitch, then hit the shower and clean that makeup and cum off your face, put on a sexy gown and we'll get some sleep. And don't forget garterbelt and hose -- that is an every-night thing unless I tell you differently."

"Yes, Master," jenny answered as she rose and made her way to the bathroom.

By herself, at home, jenny had only dressed en femme for a couple of hours at a time. Here she was at the end of her first full day as a woman, and she was going to sleep in hose and a nightie. Somehow it felt natural.

The floor-length sheer black gown couldn't hide the white garterbelt or the black nylons. The white patent heels shone in stark contrast as she made her way to Sir Robert's bedroom, her heart fluttering. This was one of her fantasies, to be accepted as a woman in a strong man's bed, not just as a TG whore for a quick blow job..

He had showered in the master bath and stood naked waiting for her. Unconsciously, she licked her lips at the sight of His body.

Gesturing toward the bed, he said, "Bend over, bitch."

Jenny saw a tampon, pad, panties, and a tube of menthol muscle rub arranged on the bedspread. At the edge of the bed, she bent over and spread her legs as wide as she could still balance on the spike heels.

The air felt cool on her skin as the gown was lifted to her waist. Tearing paper told her the tampon was being unwrapped. The tube made an obscene pffftttt as it was squirted liberally on the tampon's end. She was going to get a big dose of it. They had talked about this on the computer, but jenny had never tried it. Tonight was apparently the night. The goo helped the tampon's cardboard tube slide in easily, but it felt like someone had shoved a red-hot poker up her ass as the menthol began to assult the delicate tissue in there immediately. She felt the tampon leaving its applicator. More of the menthol hit. She moaned quietly. This was the first insertion of any kind Sir Robert had performed today, and she knew that now His cock wouldn't be filling her cunt until after she was allowed to douche out the stinging chemical. The discomfort and stimulation of having the tampon inserted caused her clit to begin leaking pre-cum.

"I don't want you making a mess in the bed, stupid, blonde bitch." He told her, pointing to the pad and panties..

Groaning as she stood up and brought her legs together, jenny pulled the panties up to her knees and carefully secured the pad in the crotch with its sticky tabs before snugging them on up. She always liked the feel of a tampon and pad in tight panties during her 'periods' that Master Robert had ordered her to begin observing, but never with the stinging ointment. Suddenly she gasped and gave a little squeal as some of the ointment touched her clit's slit. This was true pain, and Sir Robert watched her grimace with genuine interest.

"You like that, do you?"

"Oh no, Master, er, yes Sir, it really stings my clitty," Jenny moaned.

"Well maybe we'll have to try putting some on your pad whenever you wear one, to let you 'enjoy' the full, lasting effect," Sir Robert told her as she danced around, desperate to escape the intimate burning sensation.

"Stand still, bitch," he commanded after enjoying her gyrations for a moment.

Her legs and feet were motionless, but jenny continued to move her hips in a futile attempt to help her stinging clit get away form the awful irritation.

Waiting until she finally could hold herself steady, Sir Robert warned her, "Yes, I think we'll be adding that one to our punishment list, my whore, maybe a filled condom to keep it where it'll do you the most good."

Despite the utter horror of such a torture, jenny bowed her head and mumbled her thanks for the pain and promised to welcome and gladly accept any punishments that her Master chose to inflict.

"Now take your heels off and get into bed like a good slut," he said.

Kicking off her pumps, jenny crawled across the bed to the far side. She smiled as His muscles moved and flexed as Sir Robert climbed in beside her. Cradling her in His arm, He pulled her in and kissed her softly on the lips while His other hand gripped her nearest breast hard enough to make her moan around His tongue. Holding the kiss, He released her breast and moved down. A long, hard squeeze of her clit through the medicated pad caused her to squirm from the stinging pain and crushing pressure to her balls.

"Good night, bitch."

"Good night, Master."

He rolled over and was almost instantly asleep.

As exhausted as she was, jenny didn't fall asleep quickly. The day's memories replayed, from the sights, stares, and smells of the bus trip to the agony of her aching balls and burning clit. She concentrated on remaining motionless so as not to disturb her Master's slumber, and to keep from jostling the pad's goo around the slit in her clitty. Her 'labia', as she termed her balls, ached from pent-up desire. She hadn't had an orgasm since the start of her last period, 3 weeks ago, on Master's orders, and today's activities had rekindled her need. But she would just have to await Sir Robert's permission. She couldn't rub herself here in His bed. He would know, and that stinging muscle rub waited to sear her tiny slit even more if she tried to stroke herself. Biting her lower lip to suppress the groan of frustration, jenny willed herself motionless so sleep could overtake her.

Morning came much too early. Douche, shave, shower, and Master's breakfast kept jenny hopping, but she felt invigorated, almost as good as if she'd been fucked to multiple orgasms yesterday. Maybe today.

"We are going out today, my slut. There are a couple of things we need to take care of, so get dressed," He told her, gesturing to a stack of clothing on the bed.

Picking through the pile, she saw her pink bra, a yellow knit T-top, skimpy denim shorts, a pair of new white keds sneakers, and a pair of 'golden bronze' pantyhose. Holding up the pantyhose like a three day old fish, jenny turned to Sir Robert.

"Yes, slut, I want you to wear pantyhose and sneakers today. We're going to the mall, and will be doing some walking. You are as graceful as a pregnant cow in your heels, and I want those sexy legs on display."

She was clumsy getting the pantyhose on, but everything else went on with practiced ease. She had been hooking her bras behind her back like a proper woman for several years. It felt natural now, like she'd done it all her life.

Once dressed, Sir Robert let her do a quick 'paint-job' in front of the mirror, then handed her a new purse with a long shoulder strap.

"While you were in the shower, I put your billfold and ID in here, and a few other essentials."

Curious, jenny opened the purse to find a lipstick, powder compact, blusher, a tampon, pad, and a condom as well as her wallet. Her Master had prepared her for anything the day's excursion might bring.

"Thank you, Master. You are so thoughtful, and treat your slut very fine. What should I call you when we are out in public, Sir? Master. Sir, or Sir Robert?"

"Sir will do for now, bitch. That way you can answer, 'yes Sir' and 'no Sir.' It sounds respectable enough without revealing your actual slave status like calling me 'Master' would. But I'm afraid those bruises on your legs will tell the world just what you are," He told her, pointing to her thighs.

Jenny looked down to see the very dark parallel welts across the fronts of her thighs. Black nylons would have muted them somewhat, but the bronze pantyhose hid nothing. Out in public, she would be Master's pain-slut on display.

The contrast between the gleaming white petite sneakers and the shiny pantyhose guaranteed that everybody they passed would be focused on her legs and Master Robert's markings.

Like a proper woman, jenny kept her legs together as she swiveled into the car seat. Once behind the wheel and ready to go, Sir Robert slid a hand between her thighs and stroked the nylon over her welts all the way to the mall.

Making their way from the parking lot into the mall, jenny had blushed furiously the first couple of times people, men and women alike, had stopped in their tracks to stare, and some even pointed at her bruised legs. But by the time they reached the entrance doors, she no longer cared, but had a small smile on her painted lips. If her beloved Master wished to strut His whipped whore in public, then she was happy to bear His marks regardless of what anyone else thought about it.

Yes, Sir Robert appeared oblivious to the stares, pointing fingers and comments, but jenny could tell from his hand gripping her elbow that the spectacle excited him too.

They window-shopped at a couple of shoe stores, but decided that none of the styles were slutty enough or the heels high enough to satisfy either of them. He watched through the plate glass as she went into Victoria's Secret to buy a pair of crotchless panties. Her only embarrassment was because she was conscious she wasn't in the league with even the sexy manikins and that the marks on her thighs told the clerk exactly what her sexual tastes were.

She sat on a bench, with her legs crossed in case anyone missed the bruises adorning them, while Master browsed in a bookstore.

When they stopped at an ear piercing kiosk, her eyes questioned Him, but she said nothing. Looking over the earring display, He made a selection, and helped her up onto the tall stool. Jenny knew that the ear piercers wouldn't do any body piercing, at least in public, only ears, but she already had pierced ears and wondered what Master planned.

"This is the stud you want?" the woman double-checked with Sir Robert, "and it's to go here," she indicated with a marking pen on jenny's upper ear.

"Yes, that's it exactly," He told the saleswoman.

"Here, you can hold the bear," she told jenny, handing her the 'comfort teddy-bear'.

"Thank you," jenny said, clutching the bear to her chest. She really didn't need the bear for an ear piercing. Having had serious 'clit' piercings before, and other deep body piercings, ears were nothing to her, but her pain-slut status was for Sir Robert alone, so she enjoyed playing the soft 'girl' role in public.

Having signed the consent form, jenny sat patiently petting the teddy-bear while the saleswoman bustled about swabbing her with disinfectant and loading the stud into the piercing 'gun.'

"Ok, honey, here we go, just a little zap on three: one, two, three."

The sound of the 'gun' was more disconcerting than the tiny stab of pain it gave.

After the process was repeated on the other ear, jenny traded the stuffed bear for a hand mirror to examine her new piercings. She was mildly disappointed to see the standard thick stainless steel piercing studs in place, but said nothing, merely 'thank you,' exchanging the mirror for the superfluous sheet of 'after-care' instructions.

Sir Robert found them a table in the Food Court, and soon returned with lunch. As they ate, He showed jenny the earrings He had bought, two small, thick rings connected by stout chain, all stainless steel.

Jenny began to see the possiblilties, but He clarified it, "One ring goes in the new piercing, the other in your old one with the chain dangling and connecting them. That way, I can connect them easily to nipple or clit clamps, hang weights on them, thread the strap for a gag through them, or use them to restrain your head in a bondage position if I want to."

The prospects excited her, and jenny thanked Him for His foresight and wisdom.

Returning to the car, she smiled happily at the gawkers eyeing her punished legs.

On the way home, He stopped at a drug store and ordered her to go in alone and buy condoms and tampons. Only a couple of days ago, the task would have paralyzed her with fear, remaining a fantasy. Now it seemed perfectly normal for a woman to be following her Master's orders without question.

The drive home passed in small talk, but His hand continued to stroke the silky nylon of her thighs. At a traffic light, He undid two blouse buttons so He could pinch her nipples through the bra.

Pulling into the driveway, she reached to button up, but He stopped her. Jenny dutifully started for the front door, hoping none of the neighbors spotted her too visible black bra. The man next door called out a greeting to Sir Robert, and they both instinctively turned to face him. While he didn't say anything about Sir Robert's newest slut, he did have a thorough look at jenny and her charms. Her embarrassment was compounded as Master introduced her as "my friend, jenny," causing her to maintain eye contact, and speak to the man. The bruises and welts on her thighs, and opened blouse screamed 'slutty-bitch.'

She was relieved when they got inside finally and the door closed behind them. Master gave her specific orders for a low alum-water douche and change of clothes for her next training session. The reality of living her fantasy with Sir Robert was so intoxicating, she hardly heard herself agreeing to everything.

As she douched, dressed and touched up her whore's makeup, jenny was thinking about the depth of her commitment and submission to Sir Robert. Somewhere between blusher and lipstick, she realized her heart had made the decision long ago, but now her mind was ready to accept it. Before presenting herself to Master in the living room, she rooted through her suitcase for a couple of items, and holding them behind her back, nervously walked back down the hall to her destiny.

Sinking to her knees at His feet, she offered the handcuffs and ball gag with outstretched hands.

"Master, this slut wants to be Yours completely, not holding anything back. I want to submit to You totally, regardless of what You wish to do to me, I am Yours. For as long as You'll have me. I'll do anything You want, I'll be anything you want. You can tie me down, restrain me in chains, anything. Please gag me so I can take whatever pain You choose for me. I don't want any 'safe-word', or even a 'safe-gesture'. This pain-slut humbly begs to suffer for Your pleasure. I only want to serve You in every way possible. This bitch only regrets she has two holes instead of three to serve You." The torrent of words rushed onward, "But You won't be sorry, Master, really. I'll suck, fuck, cook, clean, be the perfect sex slave of Your dreams. I'll submit to anything to make Your fantasies come true," jenny's voice softened and slowed, "I am Your slut-slave. I want no limits short of death, Master. I accept and willingly submit to anything You wish."

"Are you absolutely certain about this, jenny? You know some of my fantasies already, but I have others that are even more extreme. I may want to have you tattooed, branded, pierced. You know I'll torture you to tears and beyond. I may even decide to whore you out. Are you sure this is what you want? Once we begin, there's no turning back."

"Y-y-yes Master," jenny stammered. "Let me bathe Your Cock with my tears, excite You with my screams. As Your bitch, I will be honored to wear any markings, brands, tattoos or piercings You wish, and would be eager and proud to whore on Your command, Sir."

"I WILL break you. You know that, don't you?" He said, looking deep into her eyes.

With a quiver in her voice, jenny lowered her head and whispered, "Yes, Master. I want to be broken byYou. It's the only way I can give my entire being toYou. I know it will hurt more than I can stand, so..." She silently offered up the handcuffs and gag.

"Excellent," was all He said as the gag was pushed deep between her jaws and buckled tight.

Her wrists were cuffed in front, then hooked to her collar behind her head.

As the clamps were roughly snapped on her nipples, she groaned deeply behind the gag. Taking a leash from His pocket, He hooked it to the clamps' connecting chain and dragged her to her feet.

Her arms were useless for balance as she tottered on her high heels behind Him. Thankfully He let her take her time carefully negotiating the cellar steps.

Once inside the dungeon, she nearly came at the sound of the heavy bolt latching the door. Her shivering wasn't temperature related as Master led her to the whipping post. The cuffs were unhooked from her collar and reattached to a chained hook swaying overhead. Reaching over her shoulders, He took the chain connecting the clover clamps in both hands and yanked upward hard enough to pull the clamps off. Jenny squealed with the sudden pain and rose on her tiptoes. Not waiting for her to settle down, He attached chains to her hoop earrings, then threaded them through large eye-bolts on each side of the whipping post. Next, wicked looking clamps with toothed jaws were attached. Jerking one of the chains pulled jenny close to the post. She moaned as the pain from the clamp coursed through her breast. Repeating the procedure on the other side, jenny was held against the post by the nipple clamps attached to her earrings. Any movement hurt both places instantly. Her nose was pressed against the wood to unsuccessfully relieve the agony of the discipline.
"Spread," was all He said.

Obediently, she moved her feet farther apart. Sounds of anguish began escaping as her shoulders, ears and nipples took the strain.

"Keep going, bitch."

The wider she spread, the lower she went. The chains attaching her to the ceiling and the whipping post wouldn't stretch, so her flesh did.

When she was open enough, a spreader bar was strapped to her ankles. She was so wide that she could only barely keep balancing in the heels, but knew the spreader and chains would keep her upright.

"You're absolutely certain you want this? Once I begin, there'll be no mercy until I've broken you, slut."

Slowly and carefully, jenny bobbed her head in consent and began steeling herself for the whipping of a lifetime.

An inflatable plug smeared thick with pepper paste was thrust harshly into her anus. Flexed her legs, jenny tried unsuccessfully to spread even wider to relieve the burning sensation in her ass. As bad as it was, the effect became magnified as Sir Robert began inflating the plug. Methodically He counted each full compression of the inflator bulb. Not only did it feel like she had a basketball growing inside there, but as it swelled, it kept the pepper paste in contact with her insides as it grew. Her moans were continuous by the time He reached '20', and closed the valve, removing the hose and inflator.

Vainly trying to relieve the awful pressure, jenny instinctively flexed her legs and bent her knees, taking as much pain on her ear lobes and nipples as she could.

Sir Robert began with the wooden paddle, covering her ass and as much of her thighs as He could reach. Each impact jolted her as she fought to remain motionless to spare her poor ears and nipples. As He paddled her, he described the increasing rosy hue, and the distinctive angry red spots caused by the paddle's holes. Jenny knew those spots would be a near solid sheet of bruises by morning. For variety, a couple of upward strokes to her crotch literally lifted her off her feet. Each time, her scream began even before her heels came back to earth.

He beat her at a steady pace and didn't break rhythm even when He changed to a marking whip of lamp cord. This laid a pattern of red stripes and had the added torment of wrapping around her thighs and calves to reach hidden places. Surveying His artistry, He took a short break, removed the sobbing slut's gag, and tenderly gave her a drink of water.

"Have you had enough, bitch? Do you want me to stop?"

Sobbing convulsively, jenny replied, "O-o-oh please, M-Master, give Your slut everything. D-Don't st-stop. Break me. Let me prove my complete submission to You."

Gagging her once again, He selected a cock-shaped gag so thick jenny could barely open wide enough to take it. The increased strain to her jaw was immediate.

This time Sir Robert selected His favorite whip, a length of heavy-duty extension cord nearly half an inch in diameter. Its weight was felt as each lash thudded into the hapless slut's ass and thighs. Jenny's ass had been worked over to the point that even this unyielding length of wire barely hurt on the surface, instead, it bruised deep within.

Only the ankle restraints kept the screaming slut from literally jumping out of the high heels when Master Robert began laying frightful parallel bruise tracks on the back of her thighs. The thick jaw-stretcher barely controlled her full-throated screams as she endured the frightful pounding of her tender inner thighs. She had shed so many tears in proving her submission today, but this was what she had dreamed of for so long, a Master to break her. But even in her darkest fantasies, jenny never realized the levels of pain involved. As the whip Master Robert had named his "Black Snake" drove the pain deep into her legs, jenny began begging Him to stop, even for a second or two so she could catch her breath. But of course, the thick gag rendered her begging meaningless and the beating continued.

Master Robert changed whips a couple more times, each one inflicting its own flavor of fresh torment. Jenny finally couldn't stop herself from groveling and screaming for mercy, even though she knew the gag stifled the words. .

She knew she had reached the full depth of suffering, that Master Robert had fulfilled her dream fantasy and broken her. He knew His craft well and watched for the tell-tale signs: the proud head bowed, the quivering legs, no movement to escape the whip's kiss, the steady sobbing and mewling rather than specific screams. This would be the session of a lifetime for His slut. Judging the goal achieved, He picked up the thin leather bootlace cat and gave her a dozen full lashes upward to the crotch. Then the fiberglass switch raised yet six more welts across the back of each thigh. Truly broken, jenny didn't even shriek under the cane. Her fantasy had been fulfilled. She was a broken slut, desiring only to serve Master Robert's cock with her mouth and cunt, and suffer any torture He chose.

Master Robert watched the sobbing bitch while sipping a cold beer. When He finished, He set about unhooking her restraints from the various chains. Making no move to remove the ankle spreader, the gag or butt plug, He let her moan and writhe on the floor until she cried the immediate pain of the flogging out of her system. She would carry the residual effects on her body for weeks. The memory would last forever. Opening the valve to deflate the plug inside her, He helped jenny to her feet. The spreader bar only permitted literally two inch steps as Master Robert patiently guided her to the table and helped her up onto it. Only after her wrists were secured over her head did He remove the spreader bar. Her relief was very short-lived as gynecologists' stirrups were swiveled up and her feet strapped into place, high heels and all.

When she was totally secured, the gag was removed. Jenny gratefully flexed her jaw a few times before even attempting speech.

Her tears now were of gratitude, love, and submission. "T-thank y-you Master," jenny blubbered. "Oh Sir Robert i didn't think that anyone could ever break this pain-slut, but You have truly Mastered me. Please, oh please, Sir, let this bitch serve as Your slave for life."

"You are the most amazing slut I've ever had, jenny, He smiled. "Yes indeed, you are a keeper. We can discuss the details of your slavery later. Now, I've got a well-whipped whore to fuck."

Raising her head, she watched Him calmly unroll a condom the length of His stiff cock and liberally coat it with more of the dreaded liniment. Standing between her spread legs, He gripped the plug in her 'cunt' and roughly jerked it out. Jenny squealed in mid-gasp as He shoved hard, replacing the plug with His erection in one quick motion. Mauling her tortured breasts, He thrust fast. Nearing the end, His hands slid to her whip-scarred hips and holding her tightly, drove harder and deeper until with a shout, He came. Falling forward, His full weight collapsed onto her breasts and belly, breathing like a steam engine until He caught His breath.

The friction and pounding to her prostate, her G-spot, gave jenny an orgasm as well. Oh how she wished she could wrap her stockinged legs around her Master, to hold Him tight and closer to her racing heart.

When at last He stood up and pulled out, her moaning sigh was one of contentment and love. She had found her Master, the man who now had her undying love forever.