Author : cumfox
Posted on 15 Jan 2011

giving my brother what he needed

l'd always been close with my youngest brother and when he came home rather drunk and very upset one night it was me that he wanted to get comfort from. He'd split up with his girlfreind, the first proper girlfreind he had had and was crying as l hugged him. 'better get him to bed' said my mum and looked at me, 'l'll take him' l said.

l took him upstairs having to help him as he was quite wobbly on his feet, 'come on let's clean you up, to the bathroom with you, l don't know, what am l gonna do with you, huh' l said smiling, finally he smiled to. l took him to the bathroom, sat him down on the side of the bath and wet a sponge. l started to wipe his face, cleaning away his tears. l noticed his t-shirt was filthy and lifted it off him, and couldn't help thinking that he had grown into a quite muscular sexy young man. l was wiping his chest with the sponge when l noticed his trousers were starting to bulge with a hard-on and looked up at his face. He was staring down my dressing gown, which had come open at the top, giving him a very full view of my breasts as l had nothing on underneath.

l nudged him, tutted and straightened my dressing gown, 'sorry sis' he mumbled. l smiled, we had always flirted a bit with each other, but had never actually done anything more sexual than massaging each other on the shoulders and back. 'Come on, lets get you to bed'.

His bedroom was on the top floor of the house and well away from anybody. We stumbled together up the stairs, his hand keeping slipping down from my waist to my ass, with me trying to lift it off all the time, thinking to myself l'll make him pay when he's sober in the morning. Finally l got him to the bedroom and lay him down on the bed, we were both giggling. Looking at him l was thinking if you weren't my brother.........

'Come on let's get these trousers off and cover you up' l undid his button and zip and started to pull his trousers down, bit shocked to see he had no undies on and more shocked to see his cock getting erect rather quickly. l managed to get his trousers off, seeing his stiff cock wobbling about in the corner of my eye. l grabbed hold of the sheet to try to cover him up quickly, but as l pulled it up over him he took hold of my hand and put it on his by now very stiff cock, 'please sis' he said.

l looked up to him and he looked me in the eyes with some sadness and also some pleading, as if to say please this would make him feel better. Without really thinking about it l put my hand around his cock shaft and started to stroke up and down, he put his head back and started to moan. He put his hand on my head gently pushing it towards his cock, l wanted to stop, but was feeling excitement within me and as l got nearer his big end, pre-cum glistening out of the little slit l felt sensations building inside me.

l couldn't help but let my mouth engulf his throbbing bell end and sucking hard, tasting his manhood. looking up at him and listening to him gasping slightly and repeating 'ooh yes, oh yes' l took more and more of my brothers cock into my mouth, trying to open up my throat to take more in and fuck his cock with my mouth. l couldn't help but open up my dressing gown and first massage one of my tits before moving my hand down to my pubic mound, finding my clit and wetting my fingers with my pussy juice and starting to rub round and round my now swollen bud, l was so excited with the danger of what was happening.

l felt and heard my brother tightening up and knew he was going to cum, l let him fall out of my mouth and started to stroke his shaft hard, naturally it seems moving closer so his cock was knocking my tits as l wanked him. Letting out gasps and moans, he started to gush his cum out all over my tits and neck, it felt so warm and nice on my tits, such a big amount spirted out and on to me. Finally he stopped and as l lay there, my tits, neck and chin covered in his cum and his cock going limp in my hand his breathing steadied and he dosed of.

Typical l thought, smiling, my pussy was twitching inside, little waves of sensations moving up my pussy walls. l needed to sort myself out in more than one way. l stood up straightened my dressing gown, covered up my brother and sneaked back to my bedroom. Shouting down that he was ok and asleep and that l was off to bed. l got into bed and without cleaning off my brothers now getting sticky cum settled down and masterbated, fantasising about my brother been inside me. l brought myself quickly to a frighteningly strong orgasm.

l lay there afterwards, quite confused in my mind, but also wondering if that was a one off or if something was going to happen again, shocking myself by rather hoping it did.