Daddys little girl

Posted on 31 Mar 2013
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Author : Anonymous
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For as long as i can remember i wanted a dad. Seeing girls on thier dads shoulders. Getting hugs from them.
I wanted that for myself. My mum said dad wasnt a bad guy. He was a good friend, but ehen it came to being a father wasnt one of his strong points. The memory he left me with i was six years old. He kissed my head and just walkex out the door and never looked back.
Coming home from school at thirteen i noticed an expensive bmw i n the drive way. Thinking it was my mothers new boyfriend i entered the house. Sitting in the lounge was my father. He looked ad if he hadnt changed. Handsome a fit. Any girl would go crazy for him. Pushing those throughts to the back of my head i hugged him tightly and nearly cried. He wrapped his strong arms around me and held me tightly.
"Hey lilly its been a while,"

For hours we sat on the couch talking about life. I noticed me started to inch closer and i felt my mouth go dry and pussy get wet. He lustfully looked at me and placed his hand on my tigh. "Your beautiful i bet all the boys want you dont they?"
He asked cheekly glancing at my large dd breast.
"Boys dont notice me," i said inching closer to him.
He slid his hand up my school skirt and pulled the panties a side. "So you've never been touched like this?" He asked rubbing my wet pussy "its very wet,"
He stuck his fingers in and i let out a moan. He layed me down taking his fingers out putting his fingers in my mouth. He took off my shirt and uncliped my bra looking down at my bare breats he moaned . Sucking on them he slid off my skirt and panties. "God i want you feel,".
He grabbed my hand and put it under his pants. I wanted it. I took off his pants and shirt. Lowering his face between my legs he licked my dripping wet pussy. It felt amazing. I let out a few moans as i gripped his hair tightly. He looked up at me kissing up my firm athletic body. Taking out his 8 inch cock he gently put it in me. It hurt at first but felt so good i didnt want it to stop. He pounded me gently going harder and hardet as i screamed louder and louder. He fastened up before he came in me. Then pulled out. Laying him down i wanted more. Wrapping my lips around his cock i sucked untill he told me to.stop. he put me on all fours and spit on his hand rubbing it along my butt. "I want to put it in there?".
Before i could answer it was in there pounding away. He pulled my hair and spanked me while he fucked my ass.

After two hours of intense sex we pulled our clothes on kissing between layers of clothing. To this day five years later my mother still doesnt know dad and i have sex once or twice a week ;)

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