Riding the Seam

Posted on 21 Nov 2012
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Author : kjane
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For several years now, I have worked for a large medical facility that offers health plans to its members. Basically, it is an insurance job within a medical setting. Granted, working in this industry is not what I intended to do with my life, but it pays the bills and the benefits are good.

In recent months, my department at work has been working a lot of overtime. The tension and stress of meeting our various deadlines has created rather poor morale among some of the employees, including me at times. Our boss is a man named Nathan. He is not the smartest person I've ever met, but he is an adequate leader. In an effort to raise our declining morale, a couple of weeks ago he told our department that we could start wearing jeans on Fridays. This idea was well received by everyone, particularly the ladies, because it gave us the freedom to get rid of our pantyhose, dresses, and slacks. It was a lovely perk. We were all looking forward to dressing casual for a change.

On the day that Nathan made the announcement about our casual dress days, I went out to lunch with my friend Ginny. We have worked in the same department for years, and we know more about each other than pretty much anyone in the world. Our conversations are always free and open, and I have always been able to trust her completely. While we were at lunch, she brought up the topic of our upcoming casual dress days.

"So Jane, are you going to break out the jeans this Friday?" she asked.

"Of course," I replied. "It is going to be great finally to ditch the formal attire that they make us wear around here. I'm not sure if I have jeans that still fit, though."

"I'm not sure if I have any either, but I'm certainly looking forward to seeing the guys in the department wearing their jeans," giggled Ginny. "There is nothing hotter than tight, man ass in a pair of Levi's."

I thought about the guys with whom we worked before responding. "Hmmm, I think there are a few that I'd like to see in jeans, but not many. Maybe Nathan, actually. He has a pretty nice frame."

"I think so too," she replied. "I think he'll have a nice bulge in the front, come to think of it."

We both laughed at the thought, and began to joke a little about possibly having a secret contest or taking notes about who will have the biggest bulge in their jeans, or who will have the best looking ass. However, it is what she said next that I found particularly intriguing.

"What the boss doesn't know is that having a jeans day will give all of us ladies the opportunity to 'ride the seam' all day."

"What?" I asked. "Ride the seam?"

"Yeah, as in getting off by wearing tight jeans."

"You'll have to explain this one to me a little clearer, girlfriend," I said. "Evidently I'm a little uninformed on the topic."

"Oh my God, Jane, you mean to tell me that you have never done 'riding the seam'? Damn, girl. You have been missing out. It is a way that you can masturbate without anyone knowing. First you wear tight jeans, and then you simply try to position your clitoris onto the seam of them. Then you rub your thighs together or slightly rock back and forth, and you will find that you will become very aroused. I have actually had orgasms doing this, and it can be done discreetly, as long as you are careful not to make too much noise."

"Shit, girl," I said, "I think you just polluted my mind, thank you. Now I can envision every lady in the freaking department 'riding the seam' during our meetings on Fridays. I gotta say, though, that it sounds like a good way to pass the time while working."

Ginny and I continued to talk about other silly topics and finished our lunch. Over the next couple of days, we did not discuss "riding the seam" again, although the idea was one that I could not extricate from my mind. In retrospect, I guess there have been times that I've felt slightly aroused in tight pants or shorts, but I had never thought of getting off that way. Riding the seam of jeans to orgasm sounded like lovely fun, actually. So fun, in fact, that I was going to give it a try during our first casual dress day.

* * *

When Friday arrived, I went to my dresser and picked out my sexiest thin, silk, low-cut panties. They were going to help make my day of seam riding smooth and free of chafing. Then I brought down a nice pair of blue Levi's from my closet shelf. I made sure to select a pair with a deliciously thick seam. I hadn't worn jeans in a long time, probably in a year or two, so I was hoping that they would fit. I slipped them on after I put on my silk panties, which already made me feel as sexy as hell. The jeans were fairly snug around my hips, but they looked good on my firm, fit frame. (I have just a tad of widening at the hips, but my boyfriend Bill thinks my hips and ass look hot like Mrs. Incredible's from the cartoons, so I have no worries.) There was good tension in the crotch too--not excessive enough to produce cameltoe, but enough to be nice and snug up against my kitty.

Bill looked at me with crazed eyes. Evidently the sight of me in jeans was turning him on. "Oh my, I swear that if I didn't have to work in thirty minutes that I'd yank those jeans down and fuck you right here and now, " he said somewhat demonically. "I wouldn't even pull down those silk panties--I'd fuck you right through them and cream your box from the outside of the silk fabric."

"And I'd let you, hon," I said smiling, and then left the room to make my lunch before going to work.

I made my way to work that morning by taking public transportation. With the high gas prices and expensive parking, it has been the cheapest way to commute. Riding the bus in my jeans that morning was a lovely experience. The seam of my jeans was snug up against my labia, parting them ever so slightly, and there was ample pressure against my clitoris. The feeling of the thick seam, coupled with the silk panties, was heavenly. With the vibrations of the bus in full swing, I could feel myself becoming moist. The cologne of the man who was sitting next to me heightened my excitement. He smelled husky and primal. The entire set of variables was enough to make a proper girl sweat and writhe in her seat.

Being self-conscious about my arousal, and being in a public place, I decided not to "ride the seam" of my jeans too hard at that point, but to just enjoy the good vibrations of the bus combined with the tension in my crotch. The sensations definitely played tricks on the brain. By the time I arrived at work, I had already mentally copulated with nearly every guy on the bus and I was a dripping mess! Fortunately, I was not seeping through my jeans at that point, although I wondered, as I rode the elevator to the floor on which I worked, whether anyone could tell from the scents emanating from my frame that I was in heat.

As I walked toward my cube, I eyed the rest of the department in their jeans. Oh, maybe it was because I was already feeling randy from the bus ride, but everyone looked delicious with their tightly wrapped butts and, with regard to the men, their bulging fronts. Once I got settled into my cube, I turned on the computer and started to take out the work that was assigned to me for that day. I was going to be pretty much working on spreadsheets all day for a report that was due the following week, so it was going to be somewhat of a long, boring day.

By 10:00 AM I had already started to get bored with my work. Time was moving slowly. I decided that it was time to take a little break in my work station and "ride the seam" of my jeans for a few minutes. I stood up and pulled my jeans tightly up my crotch, positioning my clitoris onto the seam. Then I sat back down, crossed my legs, pressed my thighs together, and rocked my ass on my seat slowly back and forth. My breaths started to become heavy and my pulse quickened. Because I was in my cube, I had some privacy; no one knew what I was doing. I also kept extremely quiet, although my body so desperately wanted to moan and groan to my grinding gyrations. I kept my eyes on the computer screen, to make it look as though I was reviewing the data on the spreadsheet, but in reality my eyes could not focus, as I was gradually cascading towards ecstasy with each rocking movement onto the seam of my jeans.

After a few minutes of somewhat discreetly bucking and fucking my jeans, I could not hold back. My whole body shuddered with wave after wave of bliss. My mind hazed, my eyes glazed, and in the back of my mind I could not believe that I was having an orgasm at work. I rocked onto the seam harder a few more times as a few beads of sweat started to form on my brow and my body became flushed. I covered my mouth to keep as quiet as possible, but I did actually let out a few deep breaths that could be heard by others. I knew this for a fact, once I suddenly realized that there was someone standing at the entrance of my cube, which was directly behind me.

It was my boss Nathan.

"Hey Jane, uh, how are you?" he said, looking at me strangely.

I was in no condition to form a coherent reply. My legs were shaking, my face must have been completely red, and I was still experiencing orgasmic spasms throughout my entire body.

"I'm feeling ill," I said quickly, knowing that it was the best lie that I could devise under the circumstances. "I just started feeling a little nauseous, but I think I'll be okay." I obviously was not in a position or condition to tell him the truth: that he was watching me cum in my cube at work.

Nathan looked at my shaking legs. "You know, if you are not feeling well, you can take the rest of the day off. I just came by to see how you were doing on the report for next week. But go home if you are not feeling well."

As he said those words, I could tell that his eyes were looking down at my crotch. I followed his gaze and noticed that my orgasm caused me to cream through my pants ever so slightly. I don't generally squirt hardly at all, but I did release some fluids during that lovely, but now embarrassing, orgasm. It was pretty noticeable.

"Thanks, but I think I'll be okay, " I said hurriedly, crossing my legs in an effort to cover my dampness.

He did not say a word, but simply crooked his brow and walked away. I began to wonder--no, obsess--about whether he knew that he walked in on me while I was getting off. The possibility that maybe he knew the truth was a major distraction with which I had to contend for the next few hours. I started to feel ashamed. I straightened up and tried to get some work done, but it was going to be a long, long rest of the day. Damn, did my boss know that I had an orgasm in front of him? How long had he been standing there?

The rest of the day was difficult. I tried to be a good girl and just power my way through it. At around 4:30 PM, Nathan called me on my phone. He wanted to see me in his office in fifteen minutes. Still feeling confusion and embarrassment about that morning, I made sure that I was professional and mentally sharp. Happily, the crotch of my pants had long since dried by that time in the day, so I knew I was presentable. I made sure to be precisely on time.

"Thanks for coming by, Jane," said Nathan, as he sat in his plush office chair behind his desk. "Please close the door. Say, I'm sorry that I surprised you this morning."

"It's alright. I just wasn't feeling too well when you showed up."

"That's interesting," he said.

I was puzzled by his statement. "What is interesting?" I asked.

"I don't mean to be bold or presumptuous," he stated, "but you didn't look sick this morning."

"What?" I asked.

"You didn't look sick," he said, and then paused for a moment. "That look you had on your face this morning. Remember? I've seen that look before--on my wife when we play in our bedroom."

I realized then that he knew everything. He knew from the beginning that he caught me having an orgasm. I wasn't sure how to respond. I was afraid if I explained the truth that I would be fired, yet I couldn't lie again, so I tempered my response the best I could.

"Okay, I wasn't sick," I said. "It is embarrassing, but it is these jeans that I wore today--they are a little tight in the right places, if you know what I mean."

"I'm a guy," said Nathan, "so I'm not totally familiar with what was going on, but I could tell that you were experiencing some enjoyment."

He paused again, as though he was waiting for a response. I could not muster another word, and the silence between us hung heavily in the air. "Come around here for a moment," he said, motioning me to go around to his side of the desk.

I got up and complied. After I made my way towards his side of the desk, Nathan swung his chair in my direction. His pants and briefs were down to his ankles. I had not been able to tell that his pants were down from the other side of the desk, so seeing this was quite a shock. His thick, vein-laden cock was half-erect and had a sizeable glob of milky-clear precum on its tip. His large testicles, which hung from his frame like melons whose seeds were ripe and ready to be planted, rested on the seat of the chair.

"I like your jeans," he said quietly yet firmly, as he began stroking his thick member. "But I think it would be wise for you to work some overtime tonight."

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