Handjob in the backseat

Posted on 05 Jul 2012
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Im in marching band, and one day two tears ago we went to a show to watch other bands perform. My mom was driving and one of my friends was in the passenger seat and in the back was my boyfriend, me, and my best friend. Well we went to the beach, then we went to dinner. After dinner, I was feeling a bit horny so I started rubbing my boyfriends inner thigh which I knew drove him crazy.
To keep everybody from knowing my boyfriend and I would text eachother things like "baby that feels so good". Anyways I just kept rubbing his thigh until we arrived at the show. During the show we were both anxious to leave so we could continue with where we left off.
After the show we all walked to the truck and my boyfriend and I made sure to sit where my mom couldn't see us.
Once we got in the car it didn't take long for us to start where we left off. I started to rub his thigh even harder then before. I could tell this was driving him insane so I started to unbutton his jeans and slid my hand down under his boxers and started rubbing his 9 inch dick. I had forgotten about my best friend sitting right next to me so I took my jacket and covered up where my hand was. After I slid my hand sown his boxers I slowly began rubbing up and down his 9 inch dick. This was turning me on even more so I started rubbing faster and faster until he whispered in my ear the he was gunna cum soon. To make it easier to rub I just took his dick out of his boxers. A few moments after I took his dick out and I started to rub again, he came all over my hand and jacket. I will never forget that night. It was one of the best nights of my life.

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