Allison Sucks 100 Feet of Cock

Posted on 01 Feb 2012
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Author : PurpleMonkeyDishwash
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Allison looked amazing in her tight white top and mini-shorts. The shirt made her taught cleavage burst out into the air in front of her, and the shorts let her firm butt's curves show delicately. She was ready. They bet her she couldn't do it, that she couldn't suck 100 feet of cock, but she was going to go out onto the town and suck dick until her whole body was glazed with jizz.

She started out by going to her high school football game. She was a senior in high school, and loved how the guys there drooled over her body. So far, she'd never even hooked up with a high school boy (she went for the college guys) and now she was going to suck all of their cocks.

After the game, when the team was all getting ready to shower, Allison pranced into the locker room, and grabbed the nearest two cocks she saw.

"Hey boys," she said smiling, "I'm giving blow jobs to anyone who wants them. Just come to this address tonight at midnight, and I'll pleasure all of you." She let out a seductive giggle.

They all were too shocked to saw anything. She dropped a piece of paper with her information on it and proceeded out into the stands to talk to more boys.

She spotted a huge group of guys sitting in the up left corner, but was upset when she noticed they were all nerds and not the sexy men she was hoping for.

"Oh, hello Allison," one of them said, readjusting his glasses onto his face, "It's nice to see you here." He was staring directly at her breasts, but she ignored it.

"Hi, losers," she said, looking up at the boys, "I just came to tell you that if you ever jerked off to me (and I know you all have) and want me to suck your dick, just come to this address." She pulled a flyer out of her panties.

She saw all the boys cover their dicks as she did this. They were getting turned on already.

"I'll see you there, boys, and you better have some big dick. Size counts." She turned around and could feel their eyes on her tight ass.

She then left the game and went all around town: to parties, to clubs, to bars, and even to the supermarket, and everywhere she went there were men glad to accept the flyers she pulled sexily from the tight pink thong she was wearing.

When she got back home, there were already guys waiting for her. She left them out on the lawn, clawing pathetically at her door, but she didn't let them in until midnight.

"Hello boys," she said, opening the doors and letting them all see her sexy body. The men cheered. There were a lot more of them than she expected. Word had gotten around that some slutty chick was sucking dick for free. She had them al line up in her living room, and stood before her crowd.

"Okay, here's how it goes," she said, putting her hands on her hips, "I'm going to arrange all of you by cutest to ugliest. I suck the cutest guys first. I have to suck 100 feet of cock, and in order to prove I have, I will take a picture of myself next to your dick after you've cum on me. You can cum anywhere you like, and touch anything you like, but your dick can go only in my mouth or my tits; no fucking me. This body is saved for people who don't show up for free blowjobs. Let's get you in order!"

She counted and arranged the guys, putting the football team first. She hadn't ever sucked any of them off, for they were only puny high school boys, but she looked at them now, in all their glory, and was looking forwards to it.

The nerds she put last.

"Come on!" complained the nerd she put last, "What if there's already 100 feet before you reach me?"

"Then you don't get shit!" she barked at him, "I put you last because I'm not putting your measly cocks in my mouth unless there's no other option. You guys don't get laid for a reason; no one likes nerds."

They all were silent and Allison walked down to the other side of the line.

The first football took off his pants and Allison got on her knees in front of his dick.

"Okay," she said, pulling out a box she had next to her, "I have a ruler and a camera. I measure with the ruler and take a picture with the camera. Let's see how big you are."

She grabed his cock in her hand and put the ruler up next to it.

"Not bad, jock man," she said, "seven inches. I've sucked bigger, but not a bad start."

She inserted it into her mouth. She loved the taste of a big cock on her tongue. If there was one thing she hated it was a small cock. The way it ended without even touching her throat, and the sour taste of excessive masturbation made her want to rip it off the pathetic guy who thought he had a chance.

This one wasn't bad. It touched her throat and tasted okay, and she began sucking. The guy lifted her top up to her stomach while she was sucking, exposing her thin waistline and smooth navel. He started to rub her beautiful stomach, savoring the texture of a slutty girl's skin while her warm mouth traveled over his cock.

Before long he started to cum. Allison gripped the cock with her hand and directed the stream of nut into her mouth. In one gulp, she swallowed it only, leaving only a thin dribble that ran down her chin and landed with a plot onto her shirt, leaving a wet spot.

She kept gripping the cock and held it to her cheek. She held the camera in the other hand, and smiled as the cock, taking the picture.

She looked up the guy.

"I'm putting the pictures on the internet and you can see it then," she said, "It's been nice sucking you. Get out."

The guy pulled up his pants and left, and Allison moved on to the next man in line. Before she started sucking, she measured once again, a moderate 6.7 inches, and this time she removed her shirt and shorts, leaving her only in the thin and sexy lingerie.

She sucked him off too, letting him grab her large tits with his hands, until he came, and he shot his load into her cleavage, causing a pool of semen to form in the base. The sticky white liquid hardened and made her luscious boobs stick together erotically.

She took off her bra, causing a strand of cum to cling to her breasts and to the bra, tying the two together in a messy way. The bra was discarded on the floor, and she stood up to take off her panties. She was now completelty nude, and her pussy was slippery and wet from the sight of cocks. She started on the next man and rubbed her clit until he came, coating her hair in his sticky mess.

By the time she reached the nerds, she had sucked 90 ft. of cock. Her tits and face were coated in the different seeds of over a hundred guys, and the dried cum was peeling off on all parts of her body. Some of her was still slippery and wet and others the cum had dried in mushy clumps. Her pussy and asshole were shining in the light; her juice had overflowed from all the cocks and covered her whole asshole, making it wet and sticky with pussy juice. Her hair was frayed, her tits were glinting in the light, and she smiling widely, pleased at all the dick she had consumed.

"Okay, you guys are the last ones," she said, looking at the twenty of them, "If you each have at least six inch cocks, I'll be done by the end."

She undid the pants of the first nerd; exactly six inches.

"Cutting it close, loser," she said, nodding her head disapprovingly, "Not very big." Nevertheless she inserted the dick into her mouth and let him spew his load onto her cheek, where it rolled delicately into her moist lips.

The next fourteen nerds had give or take six inches of cock, which she diligently sucked and let their cum be spewed all over her and roll down her throat and into her stomach. When she moved, she could hear the slimy mixture swish in her stomach; the product of dozens of horny guys and one highly slutty girl.

"Last five," she said, looking at the poor nerds. These were the ugliest, the nerdiest, the weirdest bunch of the lot, and she hadn't been looking forwards to sucking them off. They all looked so pathetic, drooling over her cum soaked body, and she grabbed their dicks in their correct order, surprised to find some dicks were bigger than she thought.

At last, there was the final nerd, the most pathetic of the bunch. The house was empty now, except for him and the slimy Allison, and the whole house wreaked of semen and Allison's pussy. The stench was overpowering, and Allison sniffed it in, enjoying the scent of her work.

"I've jerked off to you so much," the nerd said, pulling down his pants and exposing his Star Wars boxers, "Three times I day, I go in the bathroom with your yearbook picture and a bottle of lotion and pump it thinking about you. I like to spurt on the picture, leaving my trace on the image of you."

She frowned at his creepy announcement, but her mouth formed a smile when she pulled down his boxers.

"You needed to have a four inch penis to complete my goal," she said, giggling "Which is tiny anyway, but this thing can't be more than three. You have the smallest penis I've ever seen!"

The nerd put his hand on his dick, trying to make it look bigger.

"Even if I suck this thing, I won't complete my goal," Allison said, "I'll have to find another man to suck off. I'm not sucking you off, sweetheart, you're hung like a four year old. Put that worm back in your pants and let me go find a PENIS and not a vagina to put in my mouth."

The nerd frowned. "You have to suck my dick! You said you would!"

"I don't have to do anything, and that's not even a dick anyway," she laughed, poking it with her finger. "I'll make you a deal," she said, "I have to clean up now and find a new guy to suck. If you clean me up, I'll give you a handjob and my bra for you to jerk off into later. Fair?"

The nerd nodded. Allison laid down on the floor, causing the semen on her back to stick down in the carpet, and spread her legs.

"Lick it all off," she said, "I want you to taste the seed of men who actually deserve to have me suck them off. You're a pathetic little nothing, who is lucky to be able to see me at all nevertheless stick his unworthy tongue on my precious, delicious nipples."

He ran his tongue all over her body, making her pearly skin reappear from under the layers of spunk left on her by the guys.

"Oh, while your down there, take care of my pussy, will you? Do with your tongue what your manhood never will."

The nerd obliged and lunged his jizzy tongue into her gaping, sweating pussy. Allison started to moan, and in a fit of passion, punched the nerd in the face repeatedly, making him push deeper into her hole.

"Get my ass, too," Allison moaned, "My glorious, round ass needs tending to too. You're worth less than the shit that's pushed out of it. Kiss it, pindick, lick my asshole and meet the pieces of shit that are better than you."

The nerd did what she said, and stuck his face into the sweaty asshole, letting her juices mixes on his face. His dick was as hard as it got, three inches erect, and he wanted so desperately to pump his cock but he waited, knowing the goddess whose asshole he was inside of then would soon be pumping his tiny jump and releasing his cum from his stressed balls.

Then, she shoved him away from her ass, pushing him into the wall, and she stood up.

"Time for my handjob?" the nerd pleaded.

"Oh, right, that," Allison said, reluctantly waltzing over to him, her hips swaying with each step.

She bent over, her newly cleaning ass in the air and her tits swinging in front of the nerds face. She grabbed his cock in her hands and gripped hard, and the nerd came immediately, spewing his spunk on her fingers.

"That didn't take long," Allison said, smirking, and she wiped her hand on his chest.

"My bra's on the floor, tiny man," she said, "I'm going to suck a real cock and complete my goal."

The nerd watched her as she put on all of her clothes, buttoning up her shirt without a bra.

"God damn, you're hot," the nerd said.

"Go masturbate, loser, I'll be out having real sex," and she kicked him out of her house.

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