Jacking off with my cousin (uncensored)

Posted on 07 Jan 2012
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Author : Ace217
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Hi, true story! I was sl**ping @ my cousins the first time I ever jacked anyone off. I asked my cousin that if he would jack anyone off for money, he told me he wouldn't but that he's jack off with someone related to him. I saw that he was getting a hard one and he was kind-of embarrassed so he grabes his pillow and put it po top of his bulge. I told him..."Having fun?" he lod me that he had a flashback of a porn vid he watched yesterday. He asked my how big my cock was...he told me he was curious. I told him I didn't know and that I'd show it to him if he didn't mind. He told me that it was really big compared to his; I told him that his cock couldn't be that small (which it wasn't), and he pulled his pjs off! He told me that he'd jack me off only if I also jacked him off but we couldn't cum.(I agreed) He jacked me off first, I almost had an explosive orgasm but I didn't want him to think I was completly gay. Then, I jacked him off and I think that he almost cumed because he had like an orgasm reflex...he went to his bed after that and jacked off alone...I know he liked it and we cumed at the same time in the bathroom. I've seen his cock sometimes after that and he told me he'd suck me off if I didn't have a zit on the back of my cock! (turnoff)

More true stories soon!!!

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